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GPAMedical is a spin-off created during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in order to launch its first device: The RESPIRA invasive mechanical ventilator. Our firm commitment to society, combined with our technical capabilities in a wide variety of technological fields, allowed our company to provide an efficient solution to offset the shortage of ventilation equipment for patients affected by severe respiratory failure due to the virus.

We have had a very clear mission since day one: designing, developing and producing medical devices with cutting-edge technology in collaboration with institutions and high-level clinical experts, focusing on scientific evidence and patients, the most important thing to us. Our raison d’être is to offer a therapeutic solution in order to heal or to improve people’s quality of life.

GPAMedical is made up of a team of experts in engineering, medicine and biotechnology, among other disciplines. Together with world-class strategic partners, all they allow us to meet the diverse needs of the different health systems and healthcare professionals worldwide.


The RESPIRA Advanced invasive mechanical ventilator for emergence is a project launched in record time to face the severe health crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. Its optimal characteristics and clinical results make it indispensable in emergency units, field hospitals, emergency transport, and both public and private clinics around the world.

RESPIRA Advanced is the first high-performance invasive mechanical ventilator for automation of a manual resuscitator (the AMBU bag). This technology, devised and developed by GPAMedical, reproduces spontaneous breathing (SB) pattern, as shown by studies carried out in patients. It consists in a simple and intuitive interface, offering greater security in medical equipment due to its ease of use, the key parameter monitoring system, its real-time graphics and several alarms.

We have the support of trusted partners: Siemens, TiB, SMC, MAM, TEG, the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and the University of Barcelona. RESPIRA Advanced creates a disruptive category of ventilation devices within its range, through the most advanced technology and educational, clinical and technical support that ensures a comprehensive experience of the product to all centers and medical units that may acquire it.

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